1. It supports, treats people with mental disorders (mental illness or mental health difficulties) in a homely setting, instead of a psychiatric hospital.

2. It gives comprehensive treatment to the patient until the patient achieves a sense of complete wellness. 

3. It increases the Health Quotient (HQ) of every individual through our healthcare services to achieve a healthy society.

4. It has full-time psychiatrists, psychiatry social workers, counselors, and occupational therapists. 

5. The Hospital has 70 bedded inpatient facilities. We admit the patient with the consent of a responsible guardian.

6. Delicious Kerala dishes are served from the Hospital Canteen. Food will be served individually at each patient’s room. Limited varieties of food items are available. 

7.  Purified drinking water is supplied at every room in thermo flask.

8.  Audiovisual entertainment has been arranged. 

9.  The accommodation facility has been arranged for 50 female students to stay during their psychiatric posting.

10. Above all our hospital is blessed with a beautiful chapel for prayer, worship, and adoration. Holy masses are held here daily for the patients, which perpetuates their relation with the Almighty. 

11. We have an online counseling center.